Why Hire an Drug Crime Attorney

How Hiring a Defense Lawyer Can Help You

When you are in the face of serious criminal charges, you can only do so much to defend your rights, if you can remember all of them.  In all honesty, if you haven’t thoroughly studied law at one point in your life, you may not understand the ins and outs of human rights, criminal law and how to properly defend yourself in the wake of a criminal accusation.

Take drug crimes for example.  Drug crimes can be very complex.  The charges can range from ” to felonious federal
“, which involves taking drugs over a border or state line.  In cases such as these, the minimum punishment for trafficking a Class A Substance such as heroin begins at several years in prison.  Say, for example, that you were unaware of the drugs being stowed away on your vehicle on a vacation and a speeding ticket has led to a search of your vehicle.  You will be immediately arrested and charged with a serious offense.

Without an attorney, you may give the police information that can incriminate you.  Even a seemingly innocent statement may be used against you in court.  If you have an attorney by your side, however, he would advise you to protect your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.  Whether you are facing a seemingly simple drug charge or a felony drug offense, immediately contact a ” from the Law Offices of Thomas A. Brant.

Contact a Boston Drug Crime Defense Attorney

At our office, the legal team represents clients who are facing serious drug crime charges, including “,
” and
“.  We have extensive experience with all
” and can defend your rights during the case.  As a seasoned law firm, we are able to develop creative and effective defense strategies, providing our clients with an increased chance of finding a favorable outcome in their
” case.

” from our office today to find out how hiring an attorney can benefit your case and possibly secure your freedom.

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