Alternative Drugs, Herbs and Homeopathics


Interestingly, many of our most useful medicines have been known for
centuries to Herbal, Shaman, Homeopathic, and Alternative Medicine
practitioners – and were all that was available to the best medical minds of
their times. Unfortunately, today many of those formerly useful medicines are
no longer available by going to one’s physician – often since there is
insufficient profit involved for modern Drug companies to market them. These
medicines have been simply abandoned. While today’s doctors do have a
formidable armamentarium of medications to combat disease, the sad fact is
that they don’t always work. Each medicine will work somewhat diffently in
each patient; predicting what will and won’t work is the art of medicine. It
is clear, however, that if the doctor’s available choices are limited by the
Food and Drug administration or the profit-driven Drug companies, the patient
may be losing out on potentially helpful therapies.

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