Writing strategies – منتديات كلنا عمان

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:Types of composition

Are found in magazines and newspapers (e.g. school newspaper, magazine for
:young children, etc). All of the following may be written in the form of an article
Deion or stories about real or imaginary events which happened *
in the past
:Discursive essays, about arguments concerning particular subjects, which include *
Opinion essays, giving your personal opinion, and –
For-and-against essays, giving the opposing arguments for both sides –

are similar to articles but have a more forma, factual style, and each kind has
:its won special format and features. Compositions in the form of reports include
News reports about resent events (e.g. accidents, earthquakes), such as *
those fond in newspapers
Assessment reports discussing the suitability of a person, a place, a proposed plan, etc *
Reviews discussing a film, book, restaurant, etc and giving your *
opinion recommendation

are written to a specific person/ group (e.g. your parents, the Town Council) for a specific reason (e.g. to make a complaint, to apply for a job). Compositions
:in this form include
Friendly letters to people we know, usually about personal matters, in informal style *
Formal letters to officials/ managers/ etc, about official/ business matters, in formal style *
Postcards to friends or relatives *

There are several other kinds of informative writing, each with its own format and features. ( You are not often asked to
:write compositions in these forms.) They include
Instructions on how to make, use or do something *
(e.g. bake a cake, operate a washing machine, etc).
Leaflets giving information, advice, etc *
Public notices, warning, etc *
Advertisements and announcements *
Memos, notes and other short messages *

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