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I began to have difficulty urinating in the early months of 2011, requiring a catheter. My urologist prescribed Flomax and Avodart, after about six weeks, I was able to urinate without a catheter, but my side effects are similar to others on this forum. Two months ago, I replaced Flomax with cranberry extract (about 1350 mg per day), and side effects of Flomax gone. A month ago, I replaced it with a avodart prostate support formula contains Saw Palmetto and other nutrients. In recent weeks, nocturia was slightly more common, but the benefits of medication side effects have been well worth it!

Flomax reviews (Tamsulonsin chloride) helped me uriniate normally. It did make me feel very tired and weak. I was taking 0.4 mg a day. I started taking the breakfast, but rose to take it after dinner. That helped with most of the effort.

Diagnosed w / BPH after a year of dealing with occasional symptoms of low current and frequent urination. Before he took Flomax (two months) – with an almost immediate positive effect, then go to the Uroxatral for two months. It seemed as if the FLOWMAX was more effective, so I used it again for 8 months (1×0.4mg capsules / day). Side effects include a significant reduction of the output of semen and the moderate decrease in libido. They had no other side effects reported by others here, but I rarely feel a runny nose and ringing ears.

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