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Have you ever wondered why your child does the things that he does? Have you ever noticed that your child tends to do things he is not supposed to even after you have tried to correct the behavior? Well, you are not alone. The truth is that not many people understand how to implement consequences for kids effectively…

Your child does what he does because he does not know what else to do instead, and he wants your attention!
Does the above statement seem a little far-fetched to you? I want you think about this; how many children (or adults) will repeat a choice if it has a negative –click here for more–

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People do not naturally know how to raise children in a loving, positive and healthy fashion. In fact, most people parent in light of how they were (or were not) parented as a child, but if your parents were not taught how to do things more effectively, how could you have learned from them?
There are some small shifts you can make in your parenting to see your child behave in a more favorable fashion that most people do not know about!
One of the shifts that can help improve child behavior problems is to catch yourself when you are telling your child what not –click here for more–


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Many parents have heard of a discipline technique called “Time-Out”, but most parents who have tried this technique get frustrated and see little improvement in the child’s behavior.   Does using time-outs really work?
The fact is that time-outs are an extremely effective way to improve child behavior problems and implement positive parenting!
If you have experienced difficulty using time-outs as a discipline technique, it is likely that you were not taught the most effective way to use it. The good news is that –click here for more–

I believe that part of personal growth and development is understanding not only how we are as parents, but also considering how we were parented along with the effects of that stuff on us today.  In light of that, this is a 3 part video on the difference between discipline and punishment, as well as how to implement positive discipline with children.  This is some really cool stuff that most people don’t ever really consider…enjoy!
P.S. I have to thank my husband for presenting the information so well for me, too.
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