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Soma (carisoprodol)

Soma is a centrally-acting muscle relaxant that works in relieving severe,
local muscle spasms. Its effects usually last 4-6 hours. Although its
actions have not been determined, studies suggest the mode of action may
be related to its sedative properties.

Soma (carisoprodol) is prescribed as an addition to physical therapy,
rest and other methods used to relive the pain associated with sever musculoskeletal

The average dosage of Soma is one 350 mg tablet three times a day and
at bedtime. Soma is not recommended for patients under 12.

On rare occassions an initial dose of carisoprodol
has produced the following idiosyncratic symptoms:

It has not been sufficiently determined if Soma is safe
to use during pregnancy or lactation. Pregnant or nursing women must weigh
the potential benefits against the potential risks. Carisoprodol has been
found to be present in the breast milk of lactating mothers. This should
be considered by patients who are breast feeding. Women should consult their
doctors first before taking any medications including carisoprodol.

This drug may impair mental and/or physical abilities needed to perform
potentially hazardous tasks such as driving a motor vehicle or operating
machinery. The effects of carisopodrol with alcohol or other CNS depressants
or psychotropics may be addictive. Care should be taken with patients who
may use these drugs together.

Dosages 5 times the normal amount have been found to cause mild withdrawal
symptoms such as abdominal cramps, insomnia, chilliness, headache and nausea.
Studies have shown psychological dependence to be rare. Because carisoprodol
is processed by the liver and kidneys, patients with liver and kidney problems
should use with caution.

(note: CNS side effects such as drowsiness may require
a lower dosage) side effects include:

  • dizziness

  • vertigo

  • ataxia

  • tremor

  • agitation

  • irritability

  • headache

  • depressive reactions

  • syncope and insomnia

reactions include:

  • skin rash

  • erythema multiforme

  • pruritus

  • eosinophilia

  • severe resctions caused by asthma

  • fever

  • weakness

  • angioneurotic edema

  • smarting eyes

  • hypotension

  • anaphylactoid shock


An overdose of this medication can cause stupor, coma,
shock, repspiratory depression and very rarely death.

If you develop any of the following serious side effects while taking carisopodrol,
stop taking the medication and get immediate emergency treatment:

  • allergic reaction resulting in difficult breathing, closing
    of the throat, swelling of the lips, tongue or face; or hives.

  • numbness or extreme weakness

  • loss of vision

  • agitation or tremor


Other drugs may increase the effect of carisopodrol and can lead to heavy
sedation. Before taking this medication, discuss with your doctor any
other medications you may be taking.

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