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Go ahead. Openly display all your electronic products for your customers to explore

Increase sales

Your customers want to use electronic products before they buy them. So let them!  After all, studies show that properly displayed products allowing customers the liberty of handling a functioning product result in higher sales for you.

Our power alarm solutions highlight your products’ best features and benefits as your customer is meant to use them. There are no awkward barriers that hinder a consumer from fully experiencing your products in order to make an informed buying decision.

Plus, because of Vanguard’s variable powering capabilities, our alarms provide the appropriate amounts of electricity to your entire line of merchandise — from cell phones and cameras to iPods and GPS products. This means your products have the power they need to function optimally while your customers test them.

Give your customers the liberty to test your products as if they’re already their own. And make sure your products are always functioning at their best! Optimally-performing devices, combined with a convenient way to test your products, lead to more sales for your store!

Prevent theft

Power alarm systems from VPG let your customers see for themselves that they absolutely need to buy that smart phone, camera, iPod or laptop you’re selling. And even though they’ll be picking up and handling your demo models, you can cross theft off your worry list.

With VPG, your customers can freely explore the features and benefits of your products. This means they have the independence to truly test out your products while they hold the item in their hand. But if a would-be thief pulls on a product too vigorously, an alarm immediately alerts your employees.

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