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Spiritual Essences

God Within

You and I are the children of God/Prime Source, or the many devotional names
given the one creating this universe and each of us. We are beloved and cherished
by our creator who is with us always. There is never one moment that we are
not with our creator; it is only we who are unaware that we are always present
in his/her loving embrace.

You see, God is not as we are; God is all encompassing
and knowing. I know you have heard that before, yet it is right that you
get it now. You are cherished and cared for every moment no matter what your
Our creator is not judging us it is we who judge and do not forgive ourselves
or others.

In this moment begin to realize how extraordinary it
is to be loved by the energy of The Divine Source.
As you begin to open to the possibility of being cherished, every moment of
your life, you will see changes.

It is a frightening thing to be disconnected,
as if there is no value in life except a belief to have lots of money and
a position that denotes power. There is no love or peace in power or money,
is only further struggle to keep and hold on to what is perceived as powerful,
it is an empty and meaningless struggle which – in the end leaves only fear
of what is yet to come as we come to the end of our earthly experience.

love and presence is within us as we are touched every moment with the divine
spark of love and guidance from one who cherishes us.

As we know our oneness
with our source we begin to cherish ourselves and those around us. It is
right for us to know that we are hear to create a kinder and more compassionate
by simply being kind with ourselves and all whom we come in contact. We open
the door to God Within by asking to be one with God.

Suggested use; choose to be one with God; place
three drops under your tongue or in a glass of water and continue to make choices
through your day of being with God while sipping on your water containing essence.
God is your Sacred Space within!

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