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Avoid the Rut

Posted on 21 February 2010 by Kevin

I think from time to time we need to shake things up and change the routine of our groups. It’s like when you go on a missions trip, there is something about breaking the routine of your life that changes our perspective and inevitably teaches you so many things. And I think we can simulate those same type of experiences in our small groups.

Here are a few ways… Contribute Together: I don’t have to sell you on why, but we can all use a reminder to do more as a small group in helping meet peoples needs. There are endless possibilities here for us to explore.
Joint Group Gatherings: We had a joint group gathering once, with other Life Groups in our network to celebrate some baptisms and then we met together afterwards. It was an amazing night – one at least I won’t forget.
Guest Leader: The same night we did the joint gathering, we also invited Jonathan Boriss to lead us in worship – it was awesome. I think all of our groups could benefit from an occasional break of who leads and it opens opportunities to learn more about our leaders and other areas of 2|42!
Themed Food Nights: I know that sounds rather simplistic, but great things happen around food! We’ve had a waffle nights, Philly Cheesesteak nights, Smoothy nights, Chili nights (you get the picture), it offers more of a time to connect and relate. Try it!
Communion: When was the last time you had communion with someone else? It can be a really cool experience for your small group to stop and remember what Jesus did and continues to do in our lives as Easter approaches.
Others? Would love to hear other things groups have done to break the norm and take relationships to the next level. Use the comment section to share.

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