We suggest that members have
broadband access for best results  (DSL, Cable
       Modem, or Satellite
Access).  Contact your phone, cable, or satellite company

Tips for optimal video playback:
of our video is streaming.  This means you don’t have to wait for the
whole video to load 
before it starts playing.  If the streaming is in a “buffering
mode”, let it wait to buffer then the
video will resume.
-Since most of of our video is high quality, you can make the picture
somewhat bigger by resizing
the player screen.  This is done by “dragging” the corner
to your preferred size.
-Most of our video has sound.  If you are not
getting the sound, make sure you have the 
volume turned up on your computer and the player. 
If that doesn’t work, then
you may have a soundcard or other hardware problem.
-Set your player to automatically “repeat” the video so it plays

the most current free versions of each multimedia player:
loaded, your computer will know which player to use for each video)

you are having technical problems, please read Technical
billing inquiries, Email your questions to: [email protected]

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