What is the Best Form of Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Before deciding on a new prostate cancer treatment, we will need to explain what cancer malignancy actually means. The term cancer has critical implications and repercussions on all those who hear it applied to their very own circumstance. It images in the mind hostipal wards, operations, horrific unwanted effects of chemotherapy, discomfort, suffering and later death.

This is the perception one has, reinforced by advertising in the media pertaining to cancer charities sharing with us that “Together we could defeat it”, wearing frills, sponsored runs and stuff like that as if a few added dollars or pounds will turn the tables on the scourge of our time.

The fact that cancer charitable organizations are among the most prosperous charities on the planet and that irrespective of Presidents Nixon’s War on Cancer that pulled in unimaginable amounts of money nothing has really changed in the last 50 years. The “War” has been technically lost and the charities meticulously make sure that no successful research is ever backed.

Today the diagnostic functionality of medicine has advanced to such a degree that cancer is diagnosed at ever earlier stages, however, treating cancer continues to be the very same three mainstays: surgical treatment, radiation and chemotherapy. The statistics of these three make depressing reading. Surgery is successful in 5% of cases, radiation less and chemotherapy is worse than doing nothing. Chemo is useful in few varieties of cancer and even then is the cause of even further health decline later on in life.

For guys in middle and later years, prostate cancer could be the main danger. The prostate is a tiny walnut sized gland squashed between the bladder and the back passage. It appears to be helpful in reproduction though no-one is particularly sure of this. PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen, is a measure of pathology of the prostrate. When the level goes up, this is supposed to be a sign of trouble. Women have PSA too and the latest results have shown PSA levels not to be properly diagnostic of cancer malignancy in the prostate so relying just on this test could and has produced a whole lot of unneeded treatment, anguish and suffering.

Cancer of the prostate is normally very slow developing, it is said far more men die with prostate cancer than of prostate cancer, it is so widespread in the world today. The true secret is to contain it or better yet, protect against it starting to start with.

Poisons are the main area to pay attention to here. Toxins from chronic microbe infections primarily those found in the teeth and gums and jaw bones. Toxins from metals again dental alloys for example mercury, nickel, silver etc., and also gold all can play a principal and indirect part in disease development. Human hormones, particularly oestrogen found in foods along with packaging allied to long-term stress lowering the bodies immunity jointly with a toxic load through today’s dental treatment promote prostate cancer.

So what is effective prostate cancer therapy?

Surgery will in all likelihood cause permanent incontinence. Who would like to finish their life sporting diapers with the addition of chronic pain and inadequate prognosis? Not many would if they were actually told that this ends up being the probable final result. Chemo is utterly inadequate other than reducing the lifespan of the individual along with making the end miserable with the uncomfortable side effects.

The best way of combating cancer of the prostate is lifestyle changes, anti-oxidant therapy notably intravenous ascorbic acid, physical exercise and regular sex. Attempt getting that on prescription!

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