How to recognize and control bladder cancer

Bladder cancer refers to any type of malignant tumor of the bladder. It is a disease in which normal cells multiply without control in the bladder. Urinating blood, painless, is often the only symptom of bladder tumors.

Cystitis can hide a bladder cancer

Manifestations of this disease are very unpleasant: frequent and urgent need to urinate, pain or burning on urination, cloudy urine. Although trivial, the condition can lead to complications if not treated. Moreover, more serious diseases such as tumors of the bladder may occur as a “trivial cystitis.” Therefore, it is necessary to control a specialist. Urgent and frequent need to go to the bathroom, burning at urination; these are symptoms that announce the existence of cystitis. One in two women suffers at some point of cystitis. Although trivial, the condition can lead to complications if not treated, experts warn.

The main risk factors for developing bladder cancer are:

– Smoking. Individuals who smoke are at risk of having bladder cancer by 4-7 times higher than those who never smoked, the incidence decreased significantly after 5-7 years of quitting smoking.
– Industrial exposure to aromatic amines present in manufacturing paints, benzedrine and its derivatives.
– Renal transplant.
– Heredity. Although there were occasional tumors in family members, there are not clear evidences that this cancer would be an inherited disease.
– Age over 40 years
– Men are 4 times more likely to make bladder cancer than women
– Schistosomiasis – disease caused by infection with the Schistosoma haematobium parasite
– Caucasian develop bladder cancer2 times more frequently than Hispanics or African Americans, Asians presents a lower risk of bladder cancer
– Excessive use of analgesic drugs
– Chronic cystitis (bladder infections), especially in patients undergoing permanent catheterization
– Treatment with cyclophosphamide
– Arsenic
– Diet rich in nitrates, meat and fat
– Radiotherapy or chemotherapy for other cancers.


The most common symptoms of bladder cancer are: blood or blood clots in the urine (hematuria) and painless which occurs in 80-90% of patients, discomfort during urination (dysuria) and repeated urination in small amounts, urinary tract infections and other urinary conditions occur. In cases of advanced bladder cancer, appear symptoms such as back or flank pain, edema (swelling of the feet), emergence of pelvic masses in the right bladder, weight loss, bone, rectal, anal or pelvic region pain, anemia.

The disease is four times more common in men than in women and its incidence increases with age. Most cases are found in people aged 50-70 years. Bladder cancer has a very high rate of recurrence. Even after complete surgical resection of superficial tumors, there is a 75% chance of developing new cancers in other parts of the bladder. This requires careful monitoring of patients. If diagnosed in time, increase the chances of cure and treatment is not as aggressive. 5-year survival rate is seen in approximately 90% of cases, mainly when the tumor is smaller. This rate drops to 45% when the disease is in an advanced stage, in which removal of the bladder becomes inevitable. Bladder neoplasm is classified in stages and degrees. Stage is given according to tumor size and extension at a distance (metastasis to the lungs, liver or bones). The degree is determined by pathological changes suffered by cancer cells than normal.

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