Wishing To Get You Breast Cancer Merchandise? Learn Here!

The funds received through the purchase of breast cancer merchandise often are employed to fund research towards a remedy for this awful disease. The statistics on breast cancer are frightening, and so many of us are dependent and seeking a cure or treatment in time to save their lives. Do you know that one out of every eight women will combat breast cancer during their lifetime? Or that in 2011 alone, 39,500 US women were expected to die from breast cancer? And that the only cancer in our country with a greater death rate than breast cancer is lung cancer? If you are going to purchase a shirt, jacket or perhaps blanket anyhow, why not do your part to help advance breast cancer research?

Breast cancer consciousness merchandise can be used when you hold your next fundraising event… Spread the word so that all the more individuals will become aware of the problem and help fund research. Golf tournaments as well as cancer walks are another good place to build awareness.

An excellent place to get your breast cancer apparel is at breastcancerapparal.com. For any fundraising event, the breast cancer consciousness trademark pink designs are certain to make a lasting impression. These shirts are inexpensive, and can be customized with the text of your choice. You can find all kinds of unique designs to select from, from somber to funny. Put on the pink ribbon with pride as well as help promote awareness wherever you go. Have you any idea someone who has lost the fight with breast cancer? Wear a shirt with their name imprinted on it in memory of their life. Somebody who is a cancer survivor? An “I survived breast cancer” shirt is incredibly appropriate. There are also shirts that are inspirational, supportive, hopeful – and even survivor milestone shirts.

Another outstanding supplier is pink ribbon merchandise. Their website carries all types of consciousness merchandise at reasonable prices. You could visit their website online at any time at pinkribbonmarketplace.com. You can even find coupons to use when buying your breast cancer merchandise for fundraising. You can find all types of merchandise, which includes fundraising items. You will also find gifts, apparel and extras for yourself and others. They have “fight like a girl” merchandise, and “go red” items.

You can find exceptional breast cancer merchandise wholesale prices online, from a wide variety of suppliers. Whether you are thinking about ordering breast cancer t shirts, umbrellas, or novelty items, a quick search will reveal many outlets where you can get what you need.

Are you financing a cancer awareness walk, run, bike wide or poker run? Select giveaways from the wide selection shown to increase awareness and advocacy.

You can find a wide range of breast cancer awareness products online as well as in physical stores. Take advantage of some of these any time you are involved in or perhaps sponsoring an event. It may be someone you know who is diagnosed next with breast cancer… Do your role to raise awareness and help with funding the research which may bring the cure we so seriously need.

You might be acquainted with Susan G Komen merchandise, or perhaps Susan g Komen for the cure foundation, but do you have any idea what this is about? Susan G Komen was born Susan Goodman in 1943. Thirty three years later, at the age of thirty six, she perished of breast cancer, after a three year fight with the disease. After her death, and honoring a promise to Susan, her sister Nancy established the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to fund research and hopefully a cure for breast cancer. The pink ribbon is the foundations label logo.

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