Aging Skin Factors and Control

Aging skin is a condition that is impossible to avoid because, as you grow older and your body ages, so does your skin. On the market today are countless products, treatments, and medications that claim to slow down or stop the aging skin process, promising you skin like a baby, but everyone knows that is impossible. One of aging skins worst enemies is gravity, due to the skins weakened elastin fibers and collagen, which causes sagging skin and wrinkles. Premature aging skin can be an inherited weakness or caused by environmental and external factors such as smog, gravity, sun exposure, repetitive facial expressions, and smoking. Looking after and protecting your skin from an early age helps prevent or reduce wrinkles and other aging skin signs, as you grow older.

Both smoking and second hand smoke are extremely damaging and cause aging of the skin. Research shows that a persons exposure to cigarette smoke significantly increases skin dryness, wrinkles, and aging of the skin. This is due in part to the vitamin C depletion, which occurs in the body when people smoke, causing things such as dry, rough, scaly skin and dry hair. Non-smokers usually do not get wrinkles as early as people that smoke do and often, smoking gives their skin a yellow hue.

The natural aging skin process known as intrinsic aging usually begins in peoples mid twenties and is a slow, continuous process where skin elastin has a little less snap, and collagen production slows. There is a slight decrease in new skin cell turnover and the shedding of old, dead skin is a little slower but these intrinsic aging skin signs are not usually noticeable for decades. As people age, some of the common intrinsic aging signs include itchy, dry skin; fine wrinkles; transparent, thin skin; loss of firmness in the neck and face areas; and underlying fat loss causing hollowed eye sockets and cheeks. Persons genes also play a large part in their normal aging process including aging skin. Along with establishing a good skin care regime, people should eat a healthy diet, exercise, and drink eight or more glasses of water daily.

Eating the proper, healthy foods is a natural way to help prevent premature aging of the skin in men and women. Fruits and vegetables are important not only for your skin but for overall health as they provide many of the necessary minerals and vitamins. Children, from an early age, should learn the importance of fruit and vegetables so it becomes a life long habit. Be sure to drink from eight to ten glasses of water daily because this slows down aging of the skin by keeping you hydrated internally.

Skincare Tips for Skin Aging Prevention is always use sunscreen when going outside and wear protective clothing. Reduce the amount of time spent outdoors from ten am until four pm because this is when the suns rays do the most damage. Wear makeup that contains a sunscreen and remember that sun damage accelerates skin aging.When it comes to skin aging care, it is best to exercise moderation because more is not always best. Cosmetic companies want consumers to believe that products such as moisturizers work better when heavily slathered on and that is not the case. It is better to have an anti skin aging program where you use a moisturizer twice daily but in moderation.

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