Men Need To Know: Vegan Diet Prevents The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a serious disease, one among six men are diagnosed with this problem and one in 35 men dies because of this cancer. But it is good news to latest research reveals that vegetarian food can help men to prevent this prostate cancer altogether.

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According to American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is prevailing common next to skin cancers in United States. The type of food taken by men and consuming more of dairy products increases the risk of prostate cancer. The two studies of American Journal of Epidemiology states that Consuming low fat and non fat milk influences the development of cancer. In the Multiethnic Cohort Study, 82,483 men were followed for eight months in which 4404 men were found to develop prostate cancer. There was no association with the intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin D and prostate cancer. But the study found that there is a positive relationship between in-take of a cup of low fat milk every day and the development of prostate cancer. The other study (AARP Diet and Health study) with 293888 men done by National Institute of Health reveals that 2 or more cup of skimmed milk a day increases the risk of this cancer.

The researchers provide two reasons for this effect of milk intake.
(1) Milk increases the level of insulin-like growth factor in the blood that promotes cancer development.
(2) Milk intake decreases the precursors of Vitamin D that protects the prostate from cancer.

Men with prostate cancer can increase their survival years with low fat vegetarian diet. It increases the quality of life slows down the doubling of PSA. (Doubling of PSA is the increase of a biological marker for prostate cancer, Prostate Specific antigen by 100 percent). Researchers also found that low fiber diet raises the estradiol, insulin levels, testosterone which in turn aggravates the cancer cell growth.

Prostate cancer men with highest intake of high saturated fat have the risk of dying 3 times higher than the men with the lowest intake. A study by Dean Omish, M.D with 36 prostate cancer men found that men who had the vegetarian intervention, consumed more vegetable protein, less saturated fat, less animal protein and included fewer dairy products. In the three months follow up he found that the PSA doubling was prolonged for the men in vegetarian intervention group.

Men who would like to prevent prostate cancer should take, low fat vegetarian diet including beans, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Few foods such as black, small red, pinto and kidney beans rich in inositol pentakisphosphate are excellent cancer fighters. Tomatoes, watermelon, pink grape fruit and other lycopene rich foods reduces the risk of cancer by one third.

Broccoli, kale and cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables are rich in sulfaraphane, a cancer fighter, get rid of excess testosterone and reduce the cancer risk. Cow’s milk increases the risk of prostate cancer, and alternatives to cow’s milk such as soy, nuts, rice milks lowers the risk.

The plant foods such as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, mustard greens and other fortified products such as soy milk orange juice, are rich in Vitamin C and excellent cancer fighting nutrients. It is also found in latest research that pomegranate extract, flaxseed supplements slow the rate of cancer cell growth.

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