How much is spent on cancer research each year?

There are several forms of cancer ranging from breast cancer, colon, lung, and prostate cancer. There are millions of people diagnosed with some form of cancer each day. Chances are pretty good that you know someone that has been diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is the second largest killer in the USA, the first being heart disease. You may have had someone close or a loved one who had cancer that ended up being fatal. It is possible that with early detection, todays research and technology may have saved them.

Cancer patients undergo treatments that may include radiation and chemotherapy. Both of these treatments may leave a patient feeling sick to their stomach and also fatigued.

Physicians today have a lot of great technology available to them to help diagnose and treat all types of cancer. The National Cancer Institute helps with the research that is needed for cancer, giving grants to physicians that are doing research for cures to cancer. The more we research the better technology gets to treat cancer and maybe someday cure cancer.

How much money is spent on cancer research a year? For fiscal year 2008 approximately $ 5,260,738.00 and for 2009 that number will increase to over 6 million.

I desire the best for my family and all of humanity; hence I would like to insure that cancer research continues until all forms are treatable.

I give great thanks to the physicians that took the time to do the research. I have family members that are survivors of cancer due to technology and early detection.

The National Cancer Institute is always welcoming donations for the research that is done. Online marketing can give you the opportunity to be a participant in donating.

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