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Christianplace :: view topic – your church

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Oh boy. Umm. Hmm.

Ok, Let’s break it down…

Tongues in Paul’s time were used to show off that you were Holy even if you weren’t, because at that time the church ruled the country. The only reason people spoke in tongues, was to show off, and act Holy. That way, they might be able to gain more power over the people around them. In other words, it was all a show to get attention.

Is that better?
“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.”

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mmmmm… soup

Christianplace :: view topic – a detailed version of our poland trip.

You asked for it…

Ok, so on Monday June 26th, we left for the JFK airport. We got there around 3pm. We waited until, oh I forget what time, but it was hours, for the plane to arrive. While waiting, we played UNO and harassed one of the guys. Poor fella had a birthday the next day, so we were singing: Josh Budik’s birthday’s coming up, he will be 17, whenever we go out, we will always shout, happy 17thbirthday Josh B.

I’ll give you one guess as to the tune. Yeah, that got annoying after a while. He got kinda annoyed, and I felt bad for him, so I stopped, but other people didn’t care and continued. Oh well.

When we finally boarded the plane, we waited for nearly an hour for the plane to take off[due to weather delays]. The plane was incredible. I had never flown before, so it was something new. There were seven team members, five teens and two adults, and we were all seated somewhere near each other for the first flight. I sat with one of the girls, and the two boys sat together, and our leaders sat together, but my poor friend Lu had to sit by herself. I felt bad, but she slept the whole time, so I guess it doesn’t matter. We each had our own little screen, and I watched King Kong twice. Dunno what everyone else watched.

The girl I was sitting with got up at one point to stretch her legs, and she walked back to where the guys were sitting…just in time to see something REALLY bad on one of the guys’ tv screen. She said he was sitting there with his hand over the screen trying to change the channel. Apparently when he was scrolling through the channels it got stuck on that one. When she walked back just happened to be the time it got stuck. Why do we believe this story? Well first of all, we trust the guy, second, the guy he was sitting with was witness, and third, when the girl that was back there saw that he was having trouble, she tried to change the channel, and it didn’t work for her either. They finally wound up turning the screen off and calling for the attendant to reboot the whole plane’s screens. apparently they work in sections, not as individual screens, so they have to adjust things by section. haha, all this at like midnight…

Tuesday June 27th started out eventless. We were still on the plane from JFK[long flight eh?]. We awoke to dead silence.[Not counting the sound of the engines and other people’s snoring…]. I am unsure of any time, so I’m just goin to tell you what we did. We were served breakfast.[yeah, I’d prefer Hospital food to airplane food…] Then we harassed Josh again. Then came the fun part. We dropped from 400000[I think it was KM, but I can’t remember now..] to the ground. I think I left my head up there, it was like a slow, pressured roller coaster. I loved it. We arrived in Heathro[London] around 9:00.

When we got there, Val[the girl I had sat with] and I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. There was a good sized line to the bathroom, and by the time we crawled out of there gasping for air, and found our group, we found out we had missed our flight to Warsaw by 4 mins. That was depressing. So, then we sat in the London airport for eight hours hoping and praying for a new flight. val and Lu played hand games, and corned me into playing a few. I fell asleep on one end of a bench, and woke up to find Josh’s feet about a foot from mine. Talk about surprise. Sitting up all the way, I found him half asleep on the other half of the bench. Lu was on the floor at her Mom’s feet. Dunno where Val or Mr. N. were. Oh well, it didn’t matter to me. I lay down and went back to sleep for about a half an hour. Then Val and Lu woke me up. They said, come on it’s time to go…But they didn’t say where…Actually, they didn’t know where we were goin. Mr. and Mrs. N. Took us half way across the airport, and Dropped us off in Heaven.

They had taken us to the women’s locker room. There we got REALLY LONG and REALLY WARM showers. Probably the second longest shower I’ve take in my life. It was SO nice. Then when we were done, we went back to our respected benches, and we give thanks to God for this part] The guys went off to shower. Then we went to a really nice restaurant, and had some really good European food.

We thank Mr. and Mrs. N. to this day for that gift of cleanliness and food. Well, finally, around 5pm, we got a much needed flight to Warsaw[Pronounced var-sha-va]. Our flight was nice, but because it wasn’t British Airlines, there were no little tv screens. Sad As soon as we arrived in Warsaw, we went through the baggage check, and boarded a small plane for Gdansk [pronounced guh-dine-sk]. The whole time we sang-both to God and to Josh.

we were blessed to find that both our luggage, and our New Polish friends were there to meet us. Even though we arrived eight hours late, the People sent to meet us arrived only five mins before us. God is Good!! We settled our luggage and ourselves into the van and car sent to pick us up, and we drove the two hour drive to the Missions camp.

…Or so we thought. apparently, the driver had never driven that road in the dark before. After two hours of driving, we found ourselves right back where we started. As tired and miserable as we were, we were even more discouraged to find out that we would not arrive at our destination for another two and a half hours. So, we all went to sleep for a while. I had a window seat. The window was open, and the roads were wet. Now, I tend to leave my hair down more than I have it up, and I awoke to have people tell me that I had fallen asleep with my head on the window, and my hair had found it’s way out the window. I had VERY wet and Muddy hair.

We arrived at the WOL Poland Sports/English Missions Camp at One in the Morning, only to crash into bed. No changing of clothes, no brushing of teeth, we plopped our luggage in our cabins, picked a bed, and fell asleep.

Ok, I’ll write more soon, but I’m getting tired and bored, seeing as how I’m a slow typist.
“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.”

Wararkii ugu dambeeyay xaaladda degaanka fiidow oo al-shabaab la wareegtay

Waxaa saakay degan xaaladda degaanka Fiidow oo ay isaga baxeen ciidamada AMISOM, iyadoo daqiiqado kaddib si nabadgelyo ah ku qabsadeen xoogagga Al-Shabaab, iyadoo magaalada laga dareemayo isbedel ka duwan sidii hore.

Degaanka Fiidow oo hoos tagta gobolka degmada Mahadaay ee Sh/dhexe ayaa ku taala xadka ay la leedahay gobolka Hiiraan, hase yeeshee Guddoomiyaha Degmada Mahadaay Saalax Xaaji ayaa warbaahinta u sheegay in degaanka Fiidow ay isaga baxeen ciidamada AMISOM.

Guddoomiye Saalax ayaa sheegay inuusan isagu hubin in Al-Shabaab ay la wareegtay degaanka Fiidow, wuxuuna hoosta ka xariiqay in ka bixitaanka ciidamada AMISOM aan isaga lagu soo wargelin.

Dhinaca kale ururka Al-Shabaab ayaa warbaahinta isaga taageerta waxaa lagu sheegay in boqolaal dagaalyahanadooda ka tirsan ay la wareegeen degaanka Fiidow, taasi oo lagu sheegay inay dhabarjab ku tahay ciidamada Dowladda iyo kuwa AMISOM ee huwanta ah.

Ilaa iyo iminka ma jirto Dowladda iyo taliska AMISOM cid ka hadashay ka bixitaanka degaanka Fiidow oo ka mid ah goobaha muhiimka ah ee kala qeybiya gobolada Sh/dhexe iyo Hiiraan.

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